Cold shower help for weight loss




Cold water showers is a great way to improve your immune system, the body produces more white blood cells that are responsible for protecting the body against invading pathogens. It has been shown that people who regularly showering cold water, have less risk of colds, coughs, hemorrhoids and even cancer. Cold water also improves blood circulation and blood pressure due to narrowing of blood vessels.

Cold water has a positive effect on the brain and produces noradrenaline, which helps fight depression. It also reduces uric acid production and increases production of glutathione, which protects the body against oxidative stress.

When the body is exposed to cold trying to naturally warm up and thus consumes more energy, which body takes from fat stores.

Lymphatic system helps fight pathogens. The lymph removes from the body of all impurities. Lymph vessels while alternating cold and warm water swell and shrink, and it improves the drainage of liquids that could get stuck in the lymph vessels.

Cold shower also excellently helps to regenerate and recharge.



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