In traditional Chinese medicine is used for more than 2000 years. Supports the energy circulation in the body and improves metabolism. It has a wide range of uses, but is most commonly used in beverages (tea, lemonade, beer, etc.) and in the kitchen as a spice. It is also used to deliver spicy and even as preservative.


Prevention and treatment

Fight against cancer – Helps in the treatment of some types of cancer (e.g., ovaries).
Literally destroys cancerous cells and forces them to fight against themselves.

Helps with the syndrome of irritable colon – Interesting thing is that it is not important in what form will the ginger into your body gets, whether in the food, such as tea or food supplement. All forms have a soothing effect on the bowel and digestive system.

Protects against Alzheimer’s disease – Some studies have shown that the inclusion of ginger into the daily diet helps against the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease or can be reduced consequences this disease.


Weight loss effects

Stimulates appetite – Losing weight is one of the best things you can for overall health and your quality of life to do. Ginger works as a fat burner, and at the same time gives a greater feeling of satiety so you eat less and you will feel full and will reduced your caloric intake.

The tired muscles – Ginger is a top resource on muscle fatigue after a heavy workout helps to better muscle recovery during the free/no-training days.

Helps maintain proper blood glucose –. It is very important not only for weight loss. At the same time helps to stay alert and acts as a natural stimulant.

Helps the body to better absorb nutrients – If you’re trying to lose weight is the absorption of nutrients important. Ginger helps to better absorption and utilization of nutrients and this will achieve the desired result much faster.


General health

Strengthens immunity – This is one of the best features of ginger. Stronger immune system means that you are less often a hospital, recovering faster and you’re not so sensitive to changes temperature.

Helps with morning sickness –pregnant women should increase the intake of ginger if you suffer from morning symptoms so acute or seizures. On morning sickness really works, it proved clinical studies.

Relaxes the Airways – Ginger relaxes the airways and causes inflammation.

Improves blood circulation – Ginger helps to deliver more energy and helps against fatigue or stagnation. Opens the pores and also has a positive effect on the entire circulatory system.

Ginger is for thousands years considered for a powerful aphrodisiac. 😉


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