Natural sources of zinc


Zinc is an essential mineral for many processes in the body and in most people is scarce. It helps our body to metabolize nutrients and foods. It is crucial for a good immune system and is essential for the production of proteins and nucleic acids. Improves the healing ability of the body after injury, it supports the nose and usually is associated with healthy eyes, skin and hair.

It is necessary to ensure that our body has had sufficient intake of zinc, whether from diet or a high-quality nutritional supplements, since the body has not the ability to store zinc. The recommended daily dosage of zinc for adult humans is 15mg and for athletes to 30mg.

There are many foods in which zinc occurs naturally. Below are the foods with the highest zinc content.


Pumpkin seeds
Not only do they have a high zinc content but also play an important role in preventing prostate cancer and support the immune system. For maximum intake of this mineral should be eaten raw.


Dark chocolate
100 g quality dark chocolate containing up to 9.6mg zinc.


In addition to high zinc content contains manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and selenium. It is suitable for detoxification and can be incorporated into many dishes.


Sesame seeds
Contain 10 mg of zinc per 100g. Try, for example. Instead of wheat flour used sesame.


Watermelon seeds
Although it may seem unusual, dried melon seeds contain 10mg of zinc per 100g


Wheat germ
They are an excellent ingredient in salads, contains 17 mg per 100 grams more than the recommended daily amount.


Squash seeds
In the Middle East have become very popular. You can eat them raw, dried or baked in the oven.


It includes folic acid and zinc has moreover also high in fiber and protein.


Other sources of zinc
Besides the above mentioned food zinc can also get into the body through a variety of supplements. These accessories should pay attention to the form in which zinc occurs. Can be present in the form of sulfate or gluconate and the best food in chelate form. It’s the best form, because her body can best use. In conventional molds is absorbed from 5 to 15% but in chelated form is absorbed 60-70%.

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