Why eat fish regularly


At the outset I would like to say that all the fish are good for us and our health. Contain many nutrients which most people don´t have, including the lack of high-quality protein, iodine and a whole range of vitamins and minerals. Some species of fish are better than others, fatter ones are considered healthier for example. Salmon, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel. They also include a fat-soluble vitamin D, which most people lack, and can act as steroid hormone. Fatty fish have also a much higher proportion of omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for proper functioning of the body and the brain, and are also often associated with decreased risk of many diseases and cholesterol.


Heart attacks and strokes

Heart attack and stroke are among the leading causes of premature death in the world. Fish are generally considered among the best foods for a healthy heart. Some studies have shown that eating fish reduces the risk of heart disease. Fatter fish are better for health heart thanks to its high content of omega 3 fatty acids.


Human evolution

Omega 3 are essential for growth and human development. Especially important is then docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), because they accumulate in the developing brain and the eyes of the fetus. However there is a catch for expectant mothers. Some fish with high mercury content can be problematic for proper brain development of the child. For this reason, pregnant women eat only fish that are low on the food chain (salmon, sardines, trout, etc.) and not more than 340 grams per week. Further, they would then pregnant women should avoid raw and thermally untreated fish eg. Sushi, because they can contain microorganisms that can harm the fetus.


Protects the brain from aging

One of the consequences of aging is it that the function of the brain often deteriorates. Research has shown that regular consumption of fish may delay this process. Grey cortex is the main functional tissue in the brain containing neurons that process information stored memories and makes us human . Studies have shown that people consuming fish each week, have more of gray matter in the brain centers that regulate emotion and memory.



Depression is a serious and common mental disorder. It is characterized by low mood, sadness, loss of energy and loss of interest in life. Although it has not so much as heart disease or obesity, depression is currently one of the world’s greatest health problems. Research has shown that people who eat fish regularly are less depressed. Omega 3 contained in fish can also act as a mild antidepressant. This means that fish literally make your life happier and improve its quality. They can also help with other psychiatric disorders (bipolar disorder)


Vitamin D

Vitamin D has recently paid great attention is important and actually works as a steroid hormone, and its lack suffers a large part of the population. Fish (especially fatter), and fish products are the best dietary sources of this vitamin. Approximately 100 grams of salmon contains about 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.



One of the common diseases typical of chronical inflammation in the airways. Unfortunately, the incidence of asthma in recent decades has increased dramatically. Studies show that regular consumption of fish may asthma incidence in children reduced by up to 24%.



Disease called macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and visual difficulties and mostly affects older people. There is some evidence that fish and omega-3 fatty acids may provide protection against the this disease.



Sleep disorders are common worldwide. The causes may be different, but some researchers believe that for a lack of vitamin D.


Perfect flavor

Fish are very tasty and easy on prepare. For this reason it should not be difficult to include in our diet. Eating fish once or twice a week is considered sufficient. If you can, always choose wild fish. Wild fish tend to have more omega-3 fatty acids and is less likely to be contaminated with harmful substances. Even if you eat farmed fish, the benefits far outweigh the risks.
As I stated at the beginning, all kinds of fish are beneficial for us 🙂


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